MetroVna Pro Touch

The acronym VNA means Vector Network AnalyzerThe idea to create an all-Italian version was born as a challenge. After comparing many trade instruments, I decided to build the one that enshrines all the best features and after nearly six months of testing, METROVNA was born! With this useful tool you can make measurements on RF lines, antennas, filters, L/C, baluns, quartz etc. in a practical and accurate way.
I am an ham radio operator, callsign IZ7LDG, and my aim is to supply a technologically advanced instrument that is simple and economical.This tool is essential to a modern Amateur struggling with the development of transmission systems, filters calibration or just to measure the antenna system’s SWR. Another goal is make it completely independent of the bulky presence of a PC and make it as flexible as possible for external use.
With the Bluetooth capability, this tool can be easily interfaced to all new technological devices, such as:
Notebooks, PDAs, mobile phones and desktop PCs. Furthermore, the software can be installed into any computer platform such as Linux, Windows, Mac, Android.

Version LT 

Currently, in addition to MetroVna, we have the MetroVna LT that allows measurements on:
- Ros, impedance, reactance, Return Loss, Phase, Transmission Loss.
In both models, there are comfortable graphical displays for measurements without using the computer thanks to the lithium battery. This project has another goal, taking the best from each commercial  VNA, and enclose it in a single device, allowing everyone to adopt a small, lightweight and technologically advanced instrument, designed by an amateur for amateurs and beyond. 


MetroVna PRO Touch


With the best software on the market. The circuit 'development was designed with Eagle 3D Sketchup all the firmware and' was written in C #. The microprocessor used and 'a very fast and powerful ATmega garantische that more than 16 million operations per second, ensuring all sizes and refresh very high.   


Interfaced whith Tablet & SmartPhone 

100% compatible with the Android platform, just a few clicks to install the software directly from Google Play on all types of modern devices. Thanks to the Bluetooth module and 'can remote up to 50 meters away, to make measurements outside, in absolute comfort'.



73' IZ7LDG

Last updating. 1 Sept 2014 


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